Rare. Oceanic. Beautiful.

Discover ageless beauty with Kaikoa's Original Maui Coconut Oil. Protecting beautiful skin and hair from the tropical sun, wind, and sea for centuries. Rare. Oceanic. Beautiful. Like you!

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Thank you for supporting us. We are so excited to bring Kaikoa's Maui Original Coconut Oil to the world! Please join us and follow along on the journey! :) You'll rarely get an email from us, but when you do it will be worth opening. Aloha!

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Kaikoa's Original Maui Coconut Oil

Welcome to Kaikoa's Original Maui Coconut Oil! Our luxurious coconut oil offers superior hydration, luster, and nourishment for your skin and hair.

Our unique, cold-processed coconut oil is sourced from coconut palms grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil and is traceable to sustainable plantations.

Cold-processed coconut oil has been used for centuries in the beautiful Hawaiian Islands to deliver youthful and glowing skin and lustrous hair.

Our coconut oil is vegan, Certified Organic, and regeneratively grown and harvested. We offer full transparency throughout our supply chain including GCMS assay reports attesting to the absolute purity of our product.

We truly do ethically source our products. We know the farmers who harvest our coconut oil!

Our coconut oil skincare products are perfect for pre-sun and after-sun use and add a natural glow to the skin.

Enjoy the superior quality of Kaikoa's Original Maui Coconut Oil - your skin will thank you!

Hi, I'm Jen, the Founder of Kaikoa's              Original Maui Coconut Oil 

 It's so nice of you to visit and have a look around at our product, dreams, and vision!

Like you, I am a passionate advocate for wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps more importantly, I am the mother of a young daughter.

Like many of us these days, I have a desire to create a sustainable business and lifestyle, as well as work toward providing healthier choices for women and children.

 I believe there is a global movement underway to be conscious of how our skincare products affect our body chemistry, our general wellbeing, our environment and furthermore - how products can be healthy, sustainable, and truly ethically sourced.

My mission is a tall order - to bring a global brand to market that does no harm to farmers, end users, or the environment and in fact brings benefit and real value throughout the supply chain from the farm to the end user.

With your help and support I believe we can complete the mission! It would mean a lot to me if you would sign up on our Founders Circle email list so you can follow along and see if we make it! :) We really desire to take care of those who were there for us in the beginning. Stay tuned!

Anyway, Thanks so much. You can always reach out to me and I will personally answer any questions you may have about Kaikoa's Original Maui Coconut Oil. With kindness and gratitude. 



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